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COVID-19 update: Offering both initial and follow-up appointments virtually through my HIPPA compliant website. Call 864-650-3290 to schedule.

Individual counseling for

Eating disorders

Optimal Wellness

Intuitive Eating

Managing nutrition for medical conditions from a Health at Every Size  perspective

 How can nutrition therapy help? Making food and lifestyle changes can be a challenge, but one that offers great benefits in the way you feel and function each day. Nutrition therapy will help you explore ways to increase motivation, chose foods for optimal nutrition, performance and enjoyment, and manage behaviors that get in the way of achieving your goals. 

Now more than ever, there is an overwhelming amount of nutrition information available. Working together we will interpret and apply this information in a way that meets your personal medical, wellness and lifestyle needs.

Suzanne Figliola,Registered Dietitian,Nutritionist,Nutrition Therapist, Clemson SC

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